Spotlight: ESA Astronaut Tim Peake


ESA Astronaut Tim Peake

ESA astronaut Tim Peake launches from Baikonur, Kazakhstan with fellow Expedition 46/47 crew members Tim Kopra and Yuri Malenchenko aboard their Soyuz TMA-19M at 11.03 GMT on December 15.  The crew will dock with the International Space Station at 17.23 GMT after which they will participate in a video conference with family and friends back on Earth.  Tim will become the first British ESA Astronaut to visit the ISS.

Tim was born in Chichester, England in April 1972 and served in the Army Air Corps.  A member of ESA’s 2009 graduating class, which included astronauts Luca Parmitano, Samantha Cristoforetti, Alexander Gerst, Thomas Pesquet, and Andreas Mogensen, Tim was selected to be an ESA astronaut in May 2009.  Tim will spend 151 days living and working on the International Space Station.  During his mission, named Principia, in honor of Isaac Newton, Tim will conduct several scientific experiments.  Tim will be running the full 42 kilometers of the London Marathon from the International Space Station, 400 kilometers above the earth!


Expedition 46/47 Crew: Tim Peake (ESA), Yuri Malenchenko (Roscosmos), Tim Kopra (NASA) Photo Credit: ESA/Tim Peake

Wish Tim well on his journey by sending him a tweet (@astro_timpeake) or by posting on his Facebook (! Be sure to visit Tim’s website for news on his mission!

You can watch Tim’s launch to the International Space station live via ESA’s livefeed or via NASA TV on December 15.

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