About Me

Sabeen is a Franco-American entrepreneur, author, marketing enthusiast, and photojournalist.  She is a perpetual expat and traveler, having lived, studied, and worked in various countries around the world for the past decade.  Sabeen is a social media consultant and coach and works with clients around the globe to enable them to use social media to its full potential. A polyglot, Sabeen speaks several languages and provides French/English translation services to individuals, associations, and businesses around the world.  She is also a part-time law student in Los Angeles pursuing a juris doctor degree at Southwestern Law School and is a legal assistant and business development director at her mother’s law firm.  Sabeen is also an avid photographer and also enjoys social work, journalism, and volunteering for organizations whose causes she supports. She is currently in the process of writing two books to be published in 2017.

Sabeen writes blog posts about topics she finds interesting and offers a view into the world as she sees it and life as she lives it.  Categories of posts readers can expect to discover include world news, STEM, law and politics, culture and travel, expatriate life, business, social media, opinion pieces, and more.

For media inquiries, lectures, guest posts, and interviews, or to simply get in touch with Sabeen, please email armani[dot]sabeen[AT]gmail.com or use the contact form.  Feel free to connect with Sabeen through social media: links can be found in the footer of the blog.


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