Social Media

about my work as a social media consultant

I have been working with clients around the globe in Europe, North America, and the Middle East as a social media consultant for the past several years, enabling them to use social media to its full potential.  I’ve successfully implemented significant campaigns surrounding product launches, major announcements, and more, in addition to delivering social media educational courses in different formats for my clients.

what i do

I consult with businesses on the following:

Social Media Strategy & Policies

Creating your social presence requires a comprehensive action plan.  For this, a social media strategy plan is indispensable.  I will help you define your objectives, goals, and tactics we will use to get you there and reach your target audience.  I will also devise a social media policy for your employees if necessary.

Social Media Design & Optimization

I will help you create and optimize your social channels in accordance with your branding guidelines.

Social Media Management & Maintenance

I can also manage your social media presence and post content, reply to posts, tweets, and messages, and ensure the overall flawless operation of your social channels.  I can also implement ad campaigns, and monitor and measure your social media success.

Social Media Content Creation

On request, I can also create different types of content for you to use on your social media channels.

Social Media Education

I deliver social media workshops, training events, and seminars to both public and corporate audiences in a variety of formats. If you or your business are interested in learning about social media for business, or about a specific topic in general, we offer a variety of educational events in half-day, full day, week-long, or in custom formats on a wide variety of topics.  You can also create your own program based on your business’ needs.

Do you need help with social media? I can help you with all your social media related needs!  Fill out the form below and tell me about your project to receive a quote.

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